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North Country Hospital
189 Prouty Drive
Newport, Vermont 05855


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Administrative Services
Administration 334-4100
Community Relations 334-3225
Development 334-4186
Human Resources 334-3218
Medical Records 334-3266
Nursing Administration 334-3202
Patient Accounts 334-3274
Patient Registration 334-3217
Patient Relations 334-3295
Resource Center Library 334-3256
Volunteer Office 334-3286
Wellness Center 334-5566

Clinical Services
Imaging Services 334-3250
Laboratory 334-3222
Oncology/Chemotherapy 334-3234
Rehabilitation Services 334-3260
Respiratory Therapy 334-3212
Sleep Lab 334-4108
Pain Treatment Center 334-3584

Physician Practices
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Visiting Physicians Specialists: 334-3262